By the whiskers of Kûrvi-Tasch!

Tintin and Indiana Jones.

I was reading The Calculus Affair and watched Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade soon after and I realised – in style and tone they are one.

There’s a lot of travel, and there are similar kinds of action sequences: in The Calculus Affair a helicopter chases a speedboat. There’s a rescue from a fortress; a car chase and a car driven off the road; and a dash for a border in a tank, chased by gunmen on motorbikes. Action sequences are one thing – there’s the light-heartedness too. Marcus Brody is like the hapless Calculus. Captain Haddock, who provides most of the humour, is like Henry Jones (the story begins with a gag). The gags range from simple cartoon stuff (when Haddock is hit by lightening and he ends up in a chandelier) to stuff that wouldn’t be out of place in a Marx Brothers film: Tintin and Haddock hiding from a police chief – behind a curtain in an opera star’s dressing room, filching safe passes from his coat that’s been hung up between them.

In the end, Spielberg couldn’t resist.

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