Turgenev writes for Vogue

The first line in Fathers and Sons is about what someone is wearing. Nikolai is looking down the road to see if his son is coming, and we’re told he’s wearing check trousers and a dusty overcoat. His servant has a turquoise ear-ring and dyed pomaded hair.

And on it goes. When Arkady arrives, he doesn’t want his Dad to keep hugging him because he’ll cover his clothes in dust. Arkady isn’t introduced by his clothes, but we’re told what his pal, Bazarov, wears: a loose fitting coat with tassels. A few pages later, Fenichka, a servant, is “wearing a blue wadded jacket with a white kerchief thrown over her dark hair” and Pavel Petrovich, Arkady’s uncle, is in introduced as “a man of medium height…wearing a dark suit of English cut, a fashionable low cravat and patent-leather shoes.” His servant was introduced as wearing “a grey livery jacket with white armorial buttons.”

Does this sound like “Today I’m Wearing”?


Could Vogue do a Turgenev spread? Vreeland would do it.

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