Double Denim (Oh yes it’s back!)

DavidBalldenim Kanywestdoubledenim MaxMara S_S 2014 Denim

David Beckham & Kanye West, Getty Images. MaxMara Spring Summer 2014 Collection –

Article by Mrs T

A few years ago I worked with a Balkan man who when not in his suit was known to turn up to dinner wearing faded blue denim jeans, high top sneakers and a denim jacket. Myself and my housemate/work mate/fashion police partner would at the end of the night laugh at his total fashion faux pas. Double denim? Never….it didn’t even look good in the Eighties when denim went designer.

Denim is classic. Good blue denim jeans the holy grail of a woman’s wardrobe. There are books dedicated to the history of denim in fashion. But double denim has always remained highly controversial with a high concentration of proponents in the Eighties and a backlash ever since.

But lately it has been creeping back in….I blame both Kanye West and David Beckham, men who can wear pretty much anything and look cool. Spring/summer collections for 2014 are rocking out the double denim trend for women with Maxmara, Balmain and DKNY all bringing full on head to toe denim at their shows.

Vogue gives it a big yes. I’m sensing a double denim day coming up…


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