The Ghost Goes West

ImagePhoto: wikipedia

I was reading a book about Lord Londonderry, once upon a time Britain’s leading Nazi sympathiser. He visited Germany in late January 1936 with his wife and daughter, met Göring and had a two hour talk with Hitler. At one point in the trip there was a lunch given by the Foreign Minister, Baron von Neurath. A lot of Nazi top brass were in attendance, Hitler too.

And this is the remarkable bit:

Hitler spent ten minutes on a sofa chatting to Londonderry’s fifteen year old daughter (with a translator) – talking to her about comedy films. He especially liked The Ghost Goes West, a British romantic comedy, starring an actor called Robert Donat.

Ten minutes with Hitler and he talks comedy movies! Hitler, after a busy day as Reich Chancellor – planning racial laws, considering whether to re-enter the Rhineland, etc, etc – comes home, exhausted, plants himself on the couch, and rolls the latest Richard Curtis movie…

The book is Making Friends with Hitler, Lord Londonderry and Britain’s Road to War, Ian Kershaw, Allen Lane/Penguin, 2004

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