The Two Faces of January

Imagephoto: The Telegraph

We went to see The Two Faces of January last night. It feels like the kind of film you used to see a lot more of – a well-made piece of work, just the right length (at 97 minutes), a simple but well-executed plot. Good performances – Viggo Mortensen, knocking back whiskies, is often on the edge of hurting someone. Oscar Isaac is unlikeable and untrustworthy, just the way he should be. Kirsten Dunst has a proper female character to deal with, a woman who married big after crashing a champagne party full of millionaires and is about to have the rug pulled form under her. She’s loving, hurt, flirtatious, upset. In short, she’s real, and not a mirror or an echo, like so many women in the movies. The action runs in Greece and Turkey. It’s shot beautifully (Marcel Zyskind). They’re dressed perfectly (Steven Noble). And it’s a directorial debut for Hossein Amini, a strong one. See it and leave satisfied.

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