Can you tell us about that thing we all know about from decades ago?

I felt sorry for Liam Clancy at the end of his life. I saw him interviewed on television and he was still being asked to talk about what Bob Dylan was like before he was famous. On any book about him, or any DVD – see The Yellow Bittern – you’ll find that Dylan quote, where he says that Clancy is the best ballad singer he ever heard, and “still is”.

And then I saw Julie Andrews on Graham Norton. And God, the same thing had happened to her. She was asked if she could still saw superkajafrajalistic, etc, etc, backwards. She said she could. She was asked to do it. She did.

Are there many more of these people out there? Can we call them and advise them? “If you’re going on a talk show, refuse to talk about anything that happened before 1994.” That still gives twenty years of past – that’s still pretty generous?

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