Love in a Time of Cholera

Cholera telegraphPhoto:

We watched the start of Love in a Time of Cholera last night. Jesus, it’s desperate. Right from the very first line. An old guy is looking up a tree where his pet parrot it. He says: “Come on down like you always do.” What a cringe line. So of course the oldster gets up on a ladder. We know he’s going to fall off, but in case we didn’t, the screenwriter thought he’d build the moment by having a servant come out to a balcony and tell the old man to get down because he’d kill himself. Predictably, he falls and his old spirit gives up.

There’s a few more total cheeseball minutes before we go into flashback – it just gets worse and worse. So you start thinking: The book must be written brilliantly to disguise this ridiculous plot. It must be…

Screenplay by Ronald Harwood. Directed by Mike Newell.

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