Apology to Anjelica

Prizzis 3

I think we insulted Anjelica Huston on Friday night. We didn’t mean to. My wife had just read the first instalment of her autobiography, A Story Lately Told, and she loved it. It’s great. I promised to read it too.

So here we were, watching Prizzi’s Honor. Angelica won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress (1986). And we turned it off after half an hour. Half an hour! She’d hardly featured. Couldn’t we just persevere?

No we couldn’t. Could you? What had Jack Nicholson done to his mouth? Had he injected his top lip with something? Or was he doing a Bogart impression? And his accent. I know, I know, he had a voice coach. And that lemon jacket he’s wearing when he flies over to meet Kathleen Turner in California. We couldn’t get past that scene. The dialogue. My wife was just shaking her head and saying “she’s better than that.”

So this is the Prizzi’s Honor challenge. Can you get past 1. the opening wedding scene, which is so long you feel like you’ve endured the whole service, and 2. the scene where Nicholson and Turner meet in California? Can you? If you can I want to know how you did it.

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