Eddie Murphy’s First Rule in Stand-Up

I got the idea that I wanted to watch Beverly Hills Cop again. Hadn’t seen it since I was a kid. I was in the mood for an Eighties franchise and I wondered if it would be as charming as Ghostbusters.

Well, it’s not as charming as Ghostbusters. It’s just a competent piece of entertainment.

But this is the thing – before I got it out I decided to have a look at Eddie Murphy doing stand-up. Tap it in to YouTube and you get this seventy minute show he did, Delirious. It’s Murphy doing stand-up. 1983, the year before the movie.

Have a look at the first ten minutes. See if you can stick it. I don’t know if anyone can. The whole intro routine is about “faggots”.

The first thing he says is that he has rules when he’s doing stand-up. The first rule is that faggots aren’t allowed look at his ass – that’s why he keeps moving.

And everyone’s laughing. They’re loving it.

I’m wondering if Murphy is embarrassed about it today. Or ashamed.

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