Green velvet Pärt

Last Saturday I finally got around to listening to this Arvo Pärt CD I bought. I bought it months ago but you know with music, it doesn’t become a part of you until you really listen to it. You can flick on a track here and there but that’s not going to do it.

So there I was sitting in this green velvet chair we bought, probably around the same time as the CD. You know when you go into town for lunch and you say, I’m not going to spend much today, and then you see something.

Well, we saw this chair. Green velvet. 1960s. Wooden armrests. And you look at each other and say, Let’s get it. You know you “don’t have the money to buy it”. But you spent your teenage years and your early twenties in a culture where it didn’t matter if you had the money or not; and you always thought you would be able to afford whimsical chairs when you were in your thirties. And it makes you feel like you’re not in crisis.

So we bought the chair.

And last Saturday I was sitting in it, you know, really sitting in it. I was working on my laptop, the window was hot with the sun outside, and I had the Pärt music on. And this time I really heard it. And the music became a part of me.

So here’s one of the pieces, Festina Lente. Turn up the volume.

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