Grisham’s next bestseller

Grisham, Joel Ryan PA

I was talking to John Grisham this morning – g-chatting, actually – and he told me the plot of his next novel. It’s called Leads To Another.

William Cooper, a senior partner in a Texan paedophile ring, is facing the challenge of his professional career. Cooper is one of the greatest corporate lawyers the Lone Star State has ever produced.

His top client, well-known multinational Oil Tech, has its back to the wall.

Radical environmentalist group Green Planet launched a powerful injunction application to force Oil Tech to comply with certain minimum industry standards.

The injunction is a Trojan Horse – but for what?

Oil Tech have briefed Cooper once again, but the tree huggers have hacked his home computer…And now they’re trying to blackmail him…Cooper knows that if his nemesis – the liberal homosexual human rights lawyer Dick Sloane – gets his hands on this information he will take every step he can to bring Cooper down. The pressure’s on – and Oil Tech CEO Gordon Lollius, also a member of Cooper’s paedophile ring, is concerned that if their harmless entertainment hits the headlines, they will lose more than this injunction…

Photo: Joel Ryan/PA

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