500 Days of Summer


I thought it would be embarrassing to say this but I’ve since learned: we watched 500 Days of Summer last night. We did fastforward it when we had to, but we watched it the whole way through.

The thing that kept us watching, and that made it enjoyable in an unintended way, was feeling that you might have thought it was a good film if you’d seen it when you were 21, but at 32 it was represented a set of assumptions you no longer believed in.

The implicit ideas like – if you are someone’s PA you can afford a beautiful apartment – if you’re in your early twenties and working as a greeting card phrase man, you’ll be able to afford a beautiful apartment. You look back now and say: it’s no wonder I thought I’d be okay with my Arts degree. And ideas like: if you break-up with someone you can “win them back” or “be friends”. That you “don’t need to put labels” on your relationship. That romance might be running through IKEA jumping on beds and pretending to play house. That you can move from working for a greeting card company for five years to working in a large architecture firm.

But – I read about the movie today and the writers thought they were writing something sincere – and the film did really well.

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