Yurusarezaraumono, yeah, that’s right: Yurusarezaraumono

We watched this Japanese remake of Clink Eastwood’s Unforgiven. The first question is, Did you realise this had been done? You’ll never recognize the name (“Yurusarezaraumono”) but it came out in Japan in 2013, apparently.

You’re watching it going “that guy’s Gene Hackman, that guy’s Morgan Freeman.” They lash in all this stuff about the end of the Shogunate (which you know nothing about), the crushing of the Ainu people (whom you’ve never heard of), and give a bit of a subtext about the birth of modern Japan, the fall of the men who used swords and the rise of the men who used guns (which you don’t spot, your wife does).

Ken Watanabe stars as Clint Eastwood. Likeable Ken, who’s currently playing the King of Siam on Broadway. The scenery’s beautiful. You could watch it for the scenery, and the curious feeling of having this story transposed…You start to think: maybe every country should remake Unforgiven. I’d like to see it set in Sicily and Ireland and Argentina and…

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