Everyone’s a dick but me

Do you know these films? A man in the lead role and the underlying basis for it is that everyone’s a dick but him?

He always flicks the middle finger to authority. “That’s funny, you look more like a sack of shit in a cheap suit,” he’ll say to his boss (That won’t get him fired, because he’s being protected by someone who owes him a favour).

There’ll be a love interest and the dynamic is: she falls in love with him despite the fact that he’s always pissing her off. He started flirting with her the second time they meet. That’s the only way she knows he’s interested in her. She’ll keep wondering if she’s making “a mistake”.

And he’ll be doing “one last job” which, of course, is to atone for the biggest fuck-up of his life.

Halfway through the movie – you can probably time your watch to it – there’ll be a scene where this ol renegade makes a bad judgment call. Everyone loses confidence in him (everyone but The Girl) and he gets busted down to “issuing parking tickets in Alaska”, or some such degradation. How, how will he make his way back to the centre of the story? Edge of the seat stuff.

We watched one of those films over the weekend.

The man who has a lot of experience and gets hunches, versus the new kid, who represents the new techniques, which are BULLSHIT.

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